• One Platform – Multiple Networks

    One Platform – Multiple Networks

    What we offer

    • Run multiple mobile marketing
      campaigns on all the best mobile
      ad networks with just ONE interface!

    • Save money, time and effort by
      using our web marketing platform

    • Achieve the most from your
      marketing budget TODAY

  • Mobile marketing at your fingertips!

    Mobile marketing at your fingertips!

    How Mad-Adz works

    • Register once, get access to all the available Ad Networks and Premium Publishers!

    • Create your campaign and launch it on Apps and Mobile Websites anywhere in the World!

    • Use our Real-Time detailed statistics to analyze results and optimize your profit!

  • Reach your Target Market via Mobile!

    Reach your Target Market via Mobile!

    The benefits

    • Higher media penetration by utilizing more ad networks and publishers than anyone else!

    • Less time to create and launch your campaigns across different inventory!

    • Work with a reliable partner with more than 10 years of mobile marketing experience.

    • Innovative Ad Platform, delivering transparent, Real-time Statistics.

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