These are some of the terms you might come accross in our site. To better understand how things work in Mad-Adz we are going to briefly explain what these abbreviations mean.

PPC/CPC - Pay per click/ cost per click is an Internet advertising model where advertisers pay only for clicks on their creative materials (whether banners or text ads) placed on the publisher sites in the ad network.

Impression - This is a measure of the number of times an ad is displayed, regardless of whether it is clicked on or not. Each time a viewer sees the ad it is counted as one impression.

CTR - Click Through Rate is a ratio showing how often people who see your ad end up clicking it. It can give you hints about whether your banners or text ads are interesting for the viewers.

Ad-code - This is the code which a publisher has to place on his site in order to start displaying ads from our network.

Ad exchange - the term ad exchange used on our site refers to the technology of participating in a program where you and other interested parties exchange ad space on their websites. This way you receive free traffic from other sites in exchange of the amoun of clicks your site has generated.

Mobile redirect - new advertising model which enables publishers to monetize their mobile traffic by redirecting their mobile viewers to advertisers' URLs. Best results are when a publisher has no mobile version of his site and wants to monetize his mobile traffic in some way. The negative part is that a viewer is redirected to another website, different than the one he expected, so user engagement in the advertised product might be lower compared to other methods of mobile advertising.

Rich-media - Rich Media is a development that allows mobile applications and browsers to provide experiences that go beyond displaying text, static and animated graphics or video. It enables multimedia applications to be encapsulated in virtually any context that displays on a mobile device.

QR code - A large storage capacity code with fast readability from mobile devices that can be used in many different ways in Marketing.

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  • Is it Free to sign up?
    -Yes. Signing up with Mad-Adz is absolutely free for both advertisers and publishers.
  • What are the payment options?
    -You can fund your account via wire transfers, paypal, alertpay and credit card
  • How to find out if my ads are successful?
    -You can browse the Reports and analytics section after you log in. There you'll find all the information you need regarding the performance of your campaign. You can always ask for assistance from your personal account manager who is always at your service.
  • How to start an ad campaign?
    -In order to start your ad campaign you must first add funds to your account via the payment methods we accept. When the funds are added to your account you can click on the big "Start a new campaign" button and follow the 3 simple steps there. Should you need any further help, you can check the Tips box at the top of all pages or contact your account manager.
  • Which ad networks can you provide?
    -We can run your campaign on all the major ad networks you know and you can select which ones you want when you make a campaign. Besides the most well-known mobile networks, we work with many other premium and niche ones and our own exclusive publishers too. This is how we can expand the reach of your campaign and provide you the largest amount of traffic you can get.
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