Advertisers FAQ

  • Is it Free to sign up?
    -Yes. Signing up with Mad-Adz is absolutely free for both advertisers and publishers.
  • What are the payment options?
    -You can fund your account via wire transfers, paypal, alertpay and credit card
  • How to find out if my ads are successful?
    -You can browse the Reports and analytics section after you log in. There you'll find all the information you need regarding the performance of your campaign. You can always ask for assistance from your personal account manager who is always at your service.
  • How to start an ad campaign?
    -In order to start your ad campaign you must first add funds to your account via the payment methods we accept. When the funds are added to your account you can click on the big "Start a new campaign" button and follow the 3 simple steps there. Should you need any further help, you can check the Tips box at the top of all pages or contact your account manager.
  • Which ad networks can you provide?
    -We can run your campaign on all the major ad networks you know and you can select which ones you want when you make a campaign. Besides the most well-known mobile networks, we work with many other premium and niche ones and our own exclusive publishers too. This is how we can expand the reach of your campaign and provide you the largest amount of traffic you can get.
  • Can I select the networks I want my ads to run on?
    -Yes, you can target specific ad networks and define budgets for each one of them while starting a campaign. Later on, you can edit a campaign by adding or removing networks from your targeting options.
  • Can I opt out of certain networks?
    -Yes you can. Mad-Adz platform is as flexible as possible. You can opt out of certain networks anytime.
  • What types of creatives do you accept?
    -Generally we believe that the more types of creatives you use, the better. We accept text, banner and rich media creatives. The acceptable banner sizes are as follows: 300x50, 216x36, 168x28, 120x20, 305x50,305x100,320x50, 300x250.
  • How many creatives can I submit and can you provide creative optimisation?
    -There is no limit on creatives amount. We can help you optimise your creatives, and there is no limit to the number that you require. For more information contact your account manager.
  • Do you provide reporting by individual network?
    -Yes, we do. Our Reports and analytics section provides extensive and thorough information about all aspects of your campaigns.
  • Do you have a minimum spend ?
    -No, we have no minimum or maximum limits for advertisers to join our network. If you'd like, you can set a minimum and maximum spend limit on all your campaigns or on each and every campaign.
  • How to see the cpc/ cpm/ cpa prices ?
    -After you're logged in, you can check the planner section which provides this type of information. If you want some more precise information regarding rates you can always contact your Account Manager.
  • Do you accept gambling/ adult/ age restricted advertising campaigns?
    -Yes we do, but you cannot run adult campaigns on non-adult partner networks.
  • I want to run my campaigns in a certain network but I cannot find it in the targeting options to choose from.
    -The problem might be that the certain network has not yet been integrated with the Mad-Adz platform. Please contact your Account Manager. He will be able to tell you how and when you will be able to manage your campaigns at that network via Mad-Adz.

Publishers FAQ

  • How much traffic should my site receive in order to get accepted?
    -There is no traffic limit you should cover.
  • Can anyone be a Mad-Adz publisher?
    -Anyone can apply, but we will review your application and will notify you if you're accepted in our network.
  • What are the payment options ?
    -We offer wire payments, paypal, alertpay.
  • Is there a minimum payout?
    -Yes. Wire transfer - $1000, paypal and alertpay- $50
  • Do I have to provide a registered VAT number to receive my commissions?
    -No, you don't need to provide a registered VAT number.
  • What is the commission % for publishers?
    -The commission % depends on your performance, higher performing publishers receive a bigger payout. Our payout rates are among the highest in the industry, some of our exclusive publishers receive up to 90% of what the advertisers pay for their traffic.
  • What ad inventory do you accept?
    -We can accept any standard banner sizes and text ads. Besides these we also accept custom size banners, and other inventory where we can use more elaborate ad creatives, like rich media based, interstitials and more.
  • Will I have an Account manager?
    -Yes, every publisher has it's own account manager.
  • Can I accept or reject advertisements on my inventory?
    -Yes you can.
  • Do you accept gambling/ adult sites as publishers?
    -Yes we do, but not all gambling/adult sites are accepted.
  • Do you provide reports?
    -Yes, ofcourse. You can see your reports after you login.

In case you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us HERE. Our customer Service team is happy to address your query at any time.

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