Evolving Ahead of the Mobile Banner Ad
3 Sep 2012
Evolving Ahead of the Mobile Banner Ad

Over the years, many changes have occurred in mobile advertising campaigns. However, in order to drive user engagement, the traditional banner ads need to be left behind, and incentives, location and new technologies need to be incorporated by companies.

Many big companies and international corporations are increasingly bolstering foot traffic and driving brand awareness by turning to mobile advertising. In recent times, the stakes have been raised by these companies in regard to their mobile banner ad creative, as a result of which; it has become more interactive and visually pleasing.

We all know that engagement is the key to succeed in any mobile marketing campaign. There are many ways to measure engagement, such as interactions or click-through rate, but we must not forget that the engagement goals of every campaign are different.

Usually the creative's quality determines interactivity, and high engagement is always guaranteed by this. In comparison to non-interactive banner units, people are more likely to engage if an ad is eye-catching, fun and interactive.

Thinking sensibly, interactivity that is not corny always wins and it is always better to keep interactivity closer to the content. For instance, the highest engagement can always be yielded through an interactive site skin since rather than being around the content it is in it.

If there is no option of integrating content, then it is best to figure out great creative, where things such as gyroscope, location, swipe, or other mobile specific features are used. The key is to ensure that a mobile banner ad looks fun and unique.

Acquisition and performance are the focus of numerous companies, and they focus on data so that the right audience is targeted. This is a trend where the best data wins are leveraged by the company.

Brand integrations and brand are the other trend. Content and context are the focus of this trend. Usually, a company wins when it uses the right contextual messaging for the creation of the most superb integrated advertising experiences.

Uniquely targeted

Unique ways of engaging and moving beyond simple mobile ads is offered by mobile. It is true that mobile has higher click-through rates.

Naturally ways of linking mobile ads with mobile commerce are discovered by retailers, which captures the intent to purchase. With mobile, product interactions take place anywhere, and this intent is immediately captured by smart brands and retailers.

As mobile commerce is embraced by consumers, functionality and value are being delivered by brands and retailers in the ideal position of capitalizing. In return, in comparison with the impressions rendered, they are receiving a much greater ability of judging ad campaigns.

The message should be directly integrated into relevant editorial content by marketers, and the message should be conveyed to the target audience in order to stay ahead.

When it comes to placing an ad, the key to ensuring that the top-quality user audience is being targeted by the brand is transparency.

In the short term, the objectives of brands might differ, but in the world of advertising, overall the goal of increasing the revenue of their brand through purchases is unified.

Additionally, while it might be important to the campaign objective of a marketer how many users click the ad. However, a click made by a carefully targeted user is a truly quality click.

The enagement rates will be high if the experience is rich, as a result of which the topmost brand uplift will be delivered.

Aspects of a brand can be ideally highlighted with product carousels and animations, and user interaction can be prompted with executions such as games or puzzles.

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