Some tips on how to take advantage of the mobile advertising effectively
27 Nov 2012

As marketing specialists we still notice that many people don’t understand properly how to take advantage of the mobile advertising even though there are so much information on this topic. So as developers of a really user-friendly ad platform we feel obliged to summarize as briefly as possible how you can really earn through this tool!

Already the best way to reach consumers
The developing world has almost 5 billion mobile subscribers - so mobile devices are getting more and more the closest source of information. This is the perfect way to reach billions of consumers with different tools – sms, web banners, in-app, emails etc.

You can be both local and global
It is already clear that you can reach your target worldwide via Internet but sometimes it is rather important to get just your local market.  One of the primary advantages of mobile advertising is that it has a strong local component. You can target your messages to people based on where they are and what they are doing right now. Before you buy advertising, you can choose from the various ad networks on our Mad-Adz platform according to the percentage of users that are in your target country/region.

Advertising inside of apps

Many mobile device users rely on apps more than on the mobile web. So often the best way to reach people is by mobile in-app ad. You can always ask Mad-Adz more about this option depending on your goals and budget!

You should be easy to find
 People use their smartphones to find quick information online while they are in motion, in a hurry or impulsive. So you can use the main SEO tactics also in your mobile strategy to ensure you will be found!

Talking about optimizations…
You might consider developing a simple, clear mobile version of your company website – making it easier for people to find what they need - part of all the options mobile advertising gives you. Every self-respecting organization already has a mobile version of its web site.
You can check out ours through your phone just entering

There is more than CTR evaluating of mobile campaigns
If you think mobile is just for direct response campaigns, you may be back in time. Now developed platforms like Mad-Adz give you much more options for brand engagement and effective tracking. You always need to consult on your particular campaign and purposes first because your ROI also depends on this choice! Are you trying to get more traffic, more downloads, a higher ranking in the app store, more subscriptions or purchases? Mad-Adz can also help you with this!

Mobile as part of a larger campaign strategy
Every marketer knows that to be successful their product needs to reach audience through various channels – a whole communication mix. So mobile advertising is not said to be enough and it doesn’t need to. The best thing is that this tool can perfectly combine with many other popular ways. For instance, QR codes in print ads or billboards let users download apps or drive them to a WAP site, also providing coupons to stimulate your sales. Other traditional commercials can promote SMS text messaging to allow users to enter a contest or other stimulating activity etc. That is why Mad-Adz provides free QR codes tracking!

Think your campaign will perform best on tablets or phones, in one evaluating way or another, what type of banner is better, etc? The campaign effectiveness is usually situational. One option does not work universally better than another. It is ok to try different ways, to consult other advertisers on our platform, especially if it is your first time. That’s why Mad-Adz always gives you the option to try at low cost and then to optimize and manage your campaigns just from one single place!

And the most important thing is…  
that actually it won’t be long before mobile advertising goes from being “the next big thing” to just another standard marketing tool. Big brands and big companies are already investing in mobile advertising. Mad-Adz, for example, is one of the few well developed platforms that can provide effective services both to big brands and the ones who just start testing mobile adv. As with any new innovation, the biggest rewards often go to the earliest adopters so don’t hesitate to use mobile advertising to help build a competitive advantage now!

We can help you as you already don’t need to connect every single ad network at a time or use different providers for different types of mobile ads (in-app/web), because Mad-Adz is developed to be one platform for all the good ad networks and give you all the good tracking options and ad forms in one place, with one single log-in!

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